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Keep up with MHSA on our new APP!
Use the app to follow upcoming events, join chatrooms, share resources and documents, take polls,  live chatroom calls, view videos, pictures and more!  
Follow the instructions below.  
  1. Go to the app store on your phone or mobile device and search BAND.
  2. Install the app and then open.
  3. If you HAVE a BAND account go to "log in" at the bottom of the screen and log in. Then follow steps 6-11. 
  4. If you DO NOT have a BAND account, register with your mobile number, email, or through Facebook. If you sign up through Facebook (the easiest and quickest way), agree to terms then go to step 6. If you choose to sign up with mobile or email, click the white button. It will bring you to a page to enter your mobile phone number. If you rather use your email, go to "Sign up with Email" at the bottom. 
  5. Once you have signed up, you may need to verify your mobile number or email with digits sent to your phone or through a link in your email. 
  6. On your phone or mobile device, go to your web browser and type in,
     it will take you to the MHSA invite page. 
  7. Click on "I already have the App. Open BAND."
  8. Click on Accept. On the next page, add a picture and click "Join". 
  9. Once you are in, you will see a few general instructions to navigate the app. Click through the instructions by clicking the screen.
  10. Go to the FOUR lines at the bottom right of the screen, click on them, the open your settings. 
  11. Scroll down and click "Add Band to Home Screen.

Your MHSA App is now on available on your phone. 
Once you are complete, you will be able access your account by computer or laptop by going to and logging in.