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Special School Readiness Summit & Data Symposium

Date: May 9, 2013 - May 10, 2013
Summit Flyer

The Early Head Start National Resource Center in partnership with the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning and the National Center on Cultural & Linguistic Responsiveness is offering a statewide summit to Early Head Start/Head Start teams to participate in an early childhood professional development opportunity designed to support grantees in their efforts related to implementing a comprehensive plan, utilizing the 4 Steps to School Readiness.  Grantees from across Maryland will be provided with an opportunity to work alongside EHSNRC and NCQTL staff in a one and a half day long summit to examine school readiness birth to five, with a particular emphasis on the birth – three age range.


Collaborative Planning Team

The summit has utilized a collaborative planning team, including a representative from the state Head Start Association, the Early Childhood Education Specialists responsible for TTA to MD, Regional Office staff, and the NCQTL Regional Field Specialist, to coordinate the School Readiness Summit along side other NCQTL, NCCLR and EHSNRC staff.  


Implementing the School Readiness Plan

The Collaborative Planning Team Is working with Early Head Start/Head Start grantees within the state with the intent of assuring all grantees within the state:


Þ    Are familiar with the school readiness requirements of the Head Start Act


Þ    Are prepared to ensure that school readiness goals are used to inform instruction and to drive program improvement


Þ    Are familiar with strategies for analyzing progress toward school readiness goals


Þ    Are prepared to analyze program data to ensure all children are progressing and to investigate the progress of particular groups of children, such as children with disabilities, English language learners, etc.


Þ    Are prepared to plan family outcomes that relate to school readiness


School Readiness Teams

Grantees are requested to come to as a management team to this summit prepared to work on the 4 Strategic Steps to School Readiness. 



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