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   8th - Make It Matter! How to Create Unforgettable

            Impact and Abundant Fulfilment

          - We are Better Together, How We Make It Work

  15th - Evidence Based Literacy Practices for Parent Engagement


          - Alphabetics and More for Emerging Preshool Learners

22nd - Helping Our Children Cope During and After a Crisis

          - How can the Pyramid Model transform your EC Program?

 29th - Are they stressed? Unpacking Early Childhood Teachers' 

            Health, Well-Being and Resilience

          - Incarcerated Parents and Family Trauma

   5th - Permission for Self-Care

  12th - Enrolling and Serving Diverse Populations

            (HS/EHS Staff Only)


          - Result-Based Accountablity

            (Judy Center Staff Only)

  19th - Equity and Culturally Responsive Practices

            through a Systems Lenses



Thursday, April 29 | 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

DECEMBER 3RD - National Center on Education and Child Development
                               Collaboration is the Key to School Readiness

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                              LEARNING INSTITUTE

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