MHSA organizes two large conferences every year, one in Fall and one in the Spring. 
The Fall conference provides workshops and training that is geared to Administrators, Directors, Managers and Teachers.  During this conference we vote for new Board members.  
The Spring conference is tailored to parents and Family Service Workers. During this conference we honor our parents during a Parent of the Year Celebration. 
Our next conference is May 8-11 at The Wisp Resort in Western Maryland.  Register Now!
Beginning in Fall of 2018, MHSA will organize institutes that focus on specific components such as Health and Nutrition, Family Services, Education, or Program Governance.   
The purpose is to provide staff working in those areas more intentional training and professional development based on program and regional needs.
Please check back soon for updates. 
In 2019, MHSA will begin offering regional workshops and training. The purpose is to help programs address regional needs, cut down on travel, and promote increase participation and learning. 
Workshops and training will be provided in within six zones. View the Zones below.