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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) and Data Reporting

MHSA will continue to work with MSDE to develop a process to ensure Head Start is properly reported as prior care to Kindergarten programs. 

Increase Head Start participation in MD Excels

MHSA will continue to work with MD Excels to create a collaborative process to enroll Head Start in MD Excels.

Develop a partnerships with Colleges and Universities

We will continue working with colleges and universities in state to develop a process that will allow Head Start classrooms to be used as a training ground for college students studying Early Childhood Education.

Universal Pre-K

MHSA will continue to advocate for and protect the integrity of Head Start as the state prepares to implement Universal Pre-Kindergarten. You can view the final report on recommendations for Universal Pre-Kindergarten. 


Workgroup Findings and Recommendations

Appendix A

Appendix H

MHSA Letter to Kirwan Commission

Final Universal Pre-K Recommendations

Entire January 2019 Interim Report

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