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Nicole's Story

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In the blink of an eye, Nicole's entire world was turned upside down. After her fiancé Derrick was killed, she struggled to support herself and her three children. When she fell behind in rent and lost their home, Nicole felt traumatized, alone, and frightened.

Fortunately, Nicole and her children found refuge at Sarah's Hope Family Shelter. During their stay, Nicole's children were enrolled in Camp St. Vincent. Nicole was grateful for Camp because without it, her children would have had nowhere to go that summer.

Summer is an especially challenging time for families experiencing homelessness. Once school lets out, children lack the stimulating activities, recreation, social interactions, and nutrition that schools provide during the rest of the year. Camp St. Vincent provides the careful attention and nurturing that children need at a critical time in their lives. It's specifically designed to address summer learning loss and provide a well-rounded, enriching program tailored to their specific needs. It is the only camp in the Baltimore region exclusively dedicated to serving children experiencing homelessness—all at no cost to the families who attend.

Nicole's children are not alone. Each year, thousands of children experience homelessness in the Baltimore region. Your support is critical in reaching our goal of accepting over 200 children to participate in camp this year. Located in Baltimore's Patterson Park, Camp St. Vincent provides an eight-week summer camp experience for children ages 5 to 14 that includes swimming, field trips, arts, music, theater, sports, games, and nature exploration. They receive free transportation, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Camp also offers a specialized social-emotional curriculum that helps them develop coping mechanisms and social skills that lessen the impact of being homeless. Please donate to help us give many children, just like Nicole's, something to look forward to this summer: seeing our bus pull up each day to take them to a place where they can just be a kid.

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