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State and Federal Money for Head Start programs.

Head Start parents and staff thank Senator Currie for his years of work advocating for Head Start at Head Start Day in Annapolis

We've had excellent and exciting news in recent weeks regarding funding for Head Start programs. Please read on and feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Your support and activism is what made this possible. The more active you are, the stronger we are. Be proud Head Start!


State Funding

Let's begin by discussing our state, Maryland. As many of you know, MHSA worked with the Maryland Family Network in support of Senate Bill 373. The bill was introduced by Senator Ulysses Currie to reinstate $1.2 million of state supplemental funds for Head Start programs to provide extended day or extended year programming. After an amendment to name the bill after Senator Currie, called The Ulysses Currie Act, the bill passed the Senate.

Yesterday, 4/2/2018, the bill that was cross-filed in the House, HB 547, introduced by Delegate Erek L. Barron, passed the 3rd reading in the House.

SB 373 and HB 547 take effect on June 1, 2018, but the mandated appropriation begins in the fiscal year 2020.

Congratulations Head Start Community! All of your calls, letters, and visits to your Delegates and Senators worked! Our visits during Head Start Day in Annapolis helped to push for the passage of the House Bill.


Federal Funding

Now for Federal funding updates. Most of you have probably heard by now, but the omnibus FY 2018 appropriations bill passed both houses of Congress and was signed by the President on March 23rd. The bill gives Head Start a $610 million increase in funding. The increase includes:

  • $216 million for a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Head Start staff (approximately a 2.2% increase)

  • $260 million for partial day, partial year programs to extend the duration of their services to better meet the needs of working families.

  • $115 million of Early Head Start Expansion and Child Care Partnerships. These funds include $15 million of COLA for existing partnership grantees and $100 million for new grants "to continue to equally prioritize EHS expansion and EHS-CC Partnerships, as determined by the needs of local communities, as done in previous grant competitions for this program."

- Above information derived from the National Head Start Association-

As a Head Start community in Maryland and across the nation, we have worked hard to develop relationships and bring awareness to the necessities of our children and families. With you behind us, MHSA will continue working to strengthen the Head Start community.

Great Job Head Start!

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