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Plan and Be Heard: Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Maryland


Earlier this week, MHSA attended the regional opioid meeting "Preparing and Planning to Address the Opioid Crisis and Substance Use Disorders" with Head Start leaders from across Region III. The meeting focused on creating a path forward to support Head Start children, families, and staff at the program and state levels. The meeting was convened by the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW).


During the meeting, 35 Head Start leaders from the State of Maryland met to discuss ways in which we can address the Opioid Crisis in Maryland. In collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education, below are tentative strategies we discussed during the meeting:

  1. Regional networking forums to share and discuss program needs, policies, and procedures. Including an online forum for networking and resources.

  2. Professional development and training at institutes, conferences and also regional standalone regional training. Naloxone training and/or resources to find Naloxone training made available. We are planning to hold the first Naxolone training at the Spring Conference in May 2019.

  3. Recruit and support trainers for Substance Exposed Newborn curriculum.

We will keep you updated as the plan evolves and actions take place. In the meantime, we need your input! Take a short survey.

Also, please utilize the following website to locate resources, training and state updates in

regard to the Opioid Crisis - Before Its Too Late


Be Heard!

It is imperative we let it be known how the Opioid Crisis impacts Head Start programs. There are upcoming chances to let your voice be heard!

HEAD START DAY IN ANNAPOLIS - March 13, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Head Start programs will convene in Annapolis to introduce Head Start to newly elected officials, thank returning officials, and inform them about issues that are important to Head Start. REGISTER HERE. There will be a conference call on Wednesday March 6th for staff/leaders and on March 11 for staff, parents, and partners.

Regional Town Hall Meetings with MSDE. Beginning March 26th, MSDE will hold these meetings as part of the Preschool Development Grant. It is very important that we are heard! Not only will our voice need to be heard in regard to the Opioid Crisis, but Universal Pre-K as well. In the coming weeks, MHSA will hold a meeting with Directors to discuss who can attend in their meeting and issues we should address. CLICK HERE for a list of meetings and REGISTER HERE

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