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A Celebration of Excellence, Learning, and Community
2024 MHSA Annual Spring Conference

Parent of the Year Honorees

Marvin Yool Tun

Program: Calvert County Public School Head Start
Mr. Marvin Yool has been very active in the Calvert County Public Schools Head Start Program.  He attends the Parent Policy meetings as his schedule permits.  He sets the example of an active and engaged dad by being a part of our Big M.A.C. (Big Men About Children) initiative. He attends all the events with his family. Mr. Yool is most noted for his participation in our monthly pair & share classroom events. He shows up with a smile on his face as he works beside his daughter Genesis and the other Head Start students.  He has made much progress as a dual-language learner who works very hard to make sure his entire family also excels as dual-language learners. Mr. Yool’s gentle smile, sense of humor, and willingness to participate in our program makes him a great candidate for Parent of the Year.     
Marvin Yool Tun.jpg
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