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Head Start Stories

Kaden, Garrett County Head Start
Kaden started Head Start when he was 3 years old. Kaden is on the Autism Spectrum and received his diagnosis at 18 months. He was receiving extensive Occupational and Speech Therapy at the time. When he entered Head Start, he ate a limited number of foods and drank from a bottle with toddler formula. He also struggled with expressing his emotions appropriately. This led to him being excluded from 3 private daycares for being aggressive and disruptive, before starting Head Start.

Once Kaden entered Ms. Carrie & Ms. Anne’s Head Start classroom, he began to thrive. Kaden instantly bonded with the staff, but especially with Ms. Carrie. They taught him how to work through his strong emotions, use his words, and how to adapt to classroom living. Kaden’s parents were amazing advocates for him and were supportive of his teachers/educational experiences.

Today, Kaden is a successful First Grader who is reading and writing. He has met so many goals and likes to try new things. He was recently awarded Student of the Month for showing Courage while at school. He still loves “his Ms. Carrie” and she is actively involved in his life. This is a great example of how Head Start goes beyond the classroom and turns into a family. 


Ms. Carrie & Kaden

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