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National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month. In Maryland, there are approximately 3,800 children and teens in out-of-home care (or foster care).

Out-of-home care is intended to be a short-term plan for children and youth until they can reunify with their parents, guardians, or other relatives. The local departments of Social Services make every effort to place children with kin – relatives or other individuals with whom the child or family has a connection. When kinship care is not possible, children and youth live with families who are not related to them. In Maryland, the dedicated families that open their hearts and homes to children in out-of-home-care are called “Resource Parents.”

Children in out-of-home care have experienced trauma and loss and they need love, patience, and stability until they can reunify with their families. Resource parents play a critical role in the reunification process by supporting the child’s relationship with their parents, while they make the necessary changes for their children to safely return home.

This month, and every month, remember to support not only the children in Foster Care, but their Resource Parents, as well.

Connect with your local Department of Social Services to see how you can get involved!:

Some great Foster Care Resources are:

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