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Memphis, Garrett County Head Start

Memphis in Head Start

Memphis' First Day of Pre-K

Memphis started the Early Head Start program in the Fall of 2020, after receiving an Autism diagnosis 4 months prior. He was nonverbal at the time and had an extensive schedule of different therapies. He could not drink from a straw/open cup or eat food that wasn't cut up small enough to fit perfectly in his mouth.

Once in Early Head Start, Memphis blossomed while in the care of Ms. Chelsea and Ms. Vickie, who he grew extremely close with. They wanted him to excel as much as his family. They taught him to drink from a milk carton without shaking, worked on silverware, celebrated all his verbal achievements, and so much more!

When he turned 3, he transitioned into Ms. Abby’s Head Start classroom and his confidence only grew. His verbal skills started catching up with kids his age, he was participating in group times, and helping with classroom jobs. He was slowly weaning out of needed therapies. He learned many self help skills and even conquered his fear of wearing a mask while in the classroom (during COVID-19)!

Memphis graduated out of Head Start and into public school this year. He would not be the amazingly talented and bright child he is without the support from his Teachers, Family Service, and Education Coordinators. He needs minimal special accommodations now and has managed to win Student of The Month for Academics. He still speaks fondly of all the teachers he had throughout this journey and still sees them frequently. This is the Head Start experience!

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